4 Ways for Millennial Women to Prepare for Leadership Roles

By Sava Berhané

But the data paints a different picture for millennial women. With hourly earnings at 93% of their male counterparts, they’re the first cohort of women in history to enter the workforce at near parity with men. They’re already earning degrees at higher rates, with 38% of U.S. women doing so in 2013, compared to 31% of men. And, according to a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, millennial women are more likely than their male counterparts to work in managerial or professional roles—34% compared to 25%.

While there’s no guarantee this momentum will be sustained, men have been participating less and less in the workforce with each generation, falling from 87% in 1948 to 78% in 1980 to 70% in 2015.

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