By Jeva Lange

There were, of course, campaign promises carefully tailored to the audience, too. Stopping campus sexual assault. Alleviating the crushing burden of college costs and student debt. Paid family leave. Equal pay. Abedin also mentioned something I’d heard less about on the campaign trail, but which struck an especially personal chord — my generation’s struggles with substance abuse and mental illness. (The Status of Women in the States found that women 18 to 34 report 4.9 days a month of poor mental health). I had an especially soft spot, too, for when Abedin told us the coolest people to see show up on the campaign trail are “the dads” with daughters on their shoulders pointing at Clinton and saying, “Look, look, that can be you.” I found myself nodding vigorously. I wonder how different my life would have been — or my mother’s life, or her mother’s life — if we’d been shown that, too, as children.

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