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Click below to view additional tables with state-level data on the indicators discussed in the Employment & Earnings section. State-level data are available for women’s and men’s earnings,  the gender wage gap, the year the wage gap is projected to close, changes in earnings since 1999, labor force participation (rates, part-time, and unemployment), and distribution of workers by industry and by occupation (including those in managerial and professional occupations, and STEM workers). Much of the data is also disaggregated by race and ethnicity

How The States Measure Up

State-by-State Data and Rankings on the Employment and Earnings Composite and Its Components, 2013

Earnings and the Gender Wage Gap

Labor Force Participation

Gender Differences Across Occupations and Industries

>> View national data on employment and earnings by detailed racial and ethnic groups.

>> View state-level data on employment and earnings for Millennial women.

>> Read about the union wage advantage for women by state.