Who we are:

The mission of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania (WGFPA.org) is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. Our vision is for women and girls in Pennsylvania to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives. To realize this vision, the organization’s active work is focused on developing the female leaders of tomorrow while advancing women’s rights today.

How we use Status of Women in the States:

WGFPA uses the Status of the States report to benchmark progress towards gender equity and as a powerful advocacy tool. We present report findings to our board of directors and donors, empowering them to be informed donor activists. We host briefings for members of the media and legislature, utilizing the powerful data in the report to advocate for increased investments in women and girls’ health, education, and economic security. Year after year, this report shows that the majority of households living in poverty are single female-headed households with children. We will work with local and state partners, elected leaders, philanthropic partners, mothers, and social service agencies to change the status quo. Increasing the economic security of women and girls will decrease government spending and increase our tax base over time, resulting in greater economic prosperity for all.