Who we are:

A global community of over 150 funds and foundations with a mission is to channel resources to initiatives that advance women’s health, safety, and security. The Women’s Funding Network is a long-time supporter of IWPR.

How we use Status of Women in the States:

The Women’s Funding Network is the National Outreach Partner for the Status of Women in the States project. As funders and educators within their communities, women’s funds benefit from data that supports the need for gender equity. While many communities in the United States have an understanding of the uneven educational, social and economic playing field facing women and girls living in developing nations, far fewer have internalized the knowledge that gender inequality is alive and well in their own backyards. IWPR’s reports on the status of women and girls in backyards across America have become a trusted source of data for our members as they make the case and formulate strategies for the allocation of resources to women and girls.

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